Thursday, June 13, 2013

The "Listerine" Pedicure

- The "Listerine" Pedicure -

Well,  its that time again Ladies.  Flip flops, bare feet and sandals.  No more hiding our icky feet in fuzzy Uggs!


If you are anything like me, I cannot tolerate a pumice stone and don't even get me started on shavers and Pedi-Eggs.  Grrrrroooosssss!  I'm always the one that refuses it when I'm sitting in a pedicure spa chair.  Nooooo.  No thank you.  It just really icks me out.

So what's a janky footed gal to do?  I'd heard about this "Listerine" Pedicure as an alternative for sloughing off the dead skin we get on our pressure points like toes and heels.  Figured I'd give it a whirl.  Let me tell you, the smell is atrocious but well worth it in the end!

What you need:

Antiseptic Listerine (not the tastier or mild versions) Generic is fine!
Distilled White Vinegar
2 Gallon Ziploc bags
2 rubber bands
An old pair of socks (footies work best)

What you do:

Soak your socks in a mixture of 1 cup Listerine and 1/4 cup white vinegar.  When they are thoroughly soaked place them on your feet.  I put ziplock bags around my feet and secure with rubber bands so I could walk around.  Soak in your soggy socks for 25 minutes (longer probably couldn't hurt!).  Take off the socks and brush the dead skin away with a rough brush, I used the one below from Eco Tools (purchased at Meijer).

Really, that was it.  I took a shower right afterward and slathered my feet up with an intense moisturizer.  The tingly cool feeling lasted a good hour afterward.  So my feet not only felt soft but felt all fresh and clean.

I will definitely do this again, not nearly as fun as sitting in a spa pedicure chair and reading a magazine while someone else gets to do the honors but MUCH cheaper and really very easy.  

Hope it works for you too!
Take care of yourselves Ladies.  
XO  Jenni Rae

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