Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Photo Cards on a Budget

It's that time again, which photo to choose for your Christmas Cards???  Remember the days of picking out stock cards from a drug store… finding something cute that had just the right sentiment?  
Sometimes I wish we wish could take a step back to when things were more simple.  Now it feels like a lot of pressure to have just the right picture, just the right card, even to have it printed with the proper gloss level.  

Never fear, there are many great sites out there offering discounts right now.  My cards, this year, were ordered through Snapfish.   Photos can be mail ordered or sent to a local drugstore for pick up in a matter of hours if you get pinched for time.

When I ordered my cards, there was a 50% off discount available with the Snapfish Coupon Code:


Many people chose to order professionally done cards or at least have a professional photographer shoot the picture for them.  If you just get creative with your shots and take a stab at many of the FREE photo editing websites out there, you might surprise yourself.  Two of my personal favorites are iPiccy and Picmonkey.  They are very easy to use, give it a try!

I took this photo with my iPhone and only used the very basic software on my phone to edit/enhance it.  

I'd already ordered my cards (I can't show you those because they haven't been sent out yet!) but I'm wishing I'd waited for this one.  I'll have to settle for framing this one!  I love my kids' profiles so I'm sure this will stay a favorite for years to come.

Sending out Christmas cards is not a requirement, so don't stress yourself out if you can avoid it.  If you send out cards, you don't have to break the bank to do so.  Take a quick picture or even choose one from a happy time during the past year.  Remember during the holidays, it truly is the thought that counts.  I do love receiving cards, especially ones with photos!  I look so forward to seeing them in my mailbox and displaying them in my kitchen throughout the season.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and good luck with everything on your holiday "To Do" lists!

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