Thursday, May 9, 2013


One very easy way to feel a little more put together is keeping those nails done.  Don't look at this as another chore to add to your "to do" list.  Painting nails for me is an escape, its a fun 30 minutes away from the craziness of my day.  Its relaxing.  I don't have patience for a lot of the tutorials out there (water marbling, ombre, etc).  I'm a fan of quick-n-easy! 

*OMBRE CHEAT* ~ I call it my "Glittered Gradient" look.  
Paint the bottom 1/2 one color and top another, press loose glitter along the line where the two colors meet to give that faux ombre look in a fraction of the time!  Below I used two of my favorite colors:  Bikini So Teeny by Essie and China Glaze Refresh-Mint.


 Candy Corn nails!  As simple as it looks, white, yellow and orange stripes with a glitter overlay (MY VERY VERY VERY fave is China Glaze Fairy Dust!!!)

 Gotta support the team!  Cheering on my son means Black-n-Yellow, all the time!
This is my Glittered gradient look with black and yellow, silver loose glitter that I bought from Claire's Boutique.

 This one gets a lot of compliments and is so fast.  Just a french manicure with white/sliver glitter pressed into the line.  Don't worry about being neat, the glitter forgives so much!!

Another favorite.  Essie Van'd'Goh with gold glitter.  Press glitter heavily at the bottom of the nail bed, let dry for about 30 seconds and sweep up with top coat.  Press with brush to spread out the glitter to your liking and top with clear coat.  Two if you want to smooth out even further.

 OK, this one did take a lot of time.  No special pattern, I just picked some favorite colors and used a toothpick to dot it out.  I'm not precise about my polka dots (as you can tell!) but really, who looks that close?  And if someone wants to be that critical, shame on them!  I'm a Mom,  time is limited!

 The ultimate FUN NAILS cheat.  Sally Hansen Nail Effects.  These are seriously STICKERS that go on very easily and dry immediately.  NO DRY TIME!  How awesome is that when you've got to pack lunches and do homework before dashing to the bus stop???

 Bring your patience with this one.  Just some favorite springy colors, I suggest painting your nail one of the lighter colors just to have coverage before you start your striping!

Again, China Glaze Refreshmint with loose glitter from Claire's.  By the way, I use an eyeshadow brush to dip in my glitter and press on to my nail.  Top with my favorite long last clear coat:  L'Oreal !

*  Fun Nails *
I consider painting my nails of my favorite hobbies (I find it really satisfying and relaxing to lock my kids out of the bathroom and take way too long to paint my nails)

I love natural, manicured, classic nails too but Pinterest has made me a nail painting junkie.  I have a cheapo camera so excuse the quality of the pics but I thought I'd share some of my favorite creations!  

Enjoy!  ;)

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